The Holydrug Couple Share New Video For “I’ll Only Say This”

With their European tour drawing to a close, Chilean psych duo The Holydrug Couple share a new video for their single “I’ll Only Say This”, taken from their awesome album Hyper Super Mega which is out now on Sacred Bones.

Directed by Flavia Contreras and Isabel Florencia Baeza, and produced by Joaquin Echeverria and Pascual Mena, the video for the blissed-out psychedelic space rock track embraces hedonism and disorientation. The directors say that it “explores two paths. First, it is a collective and intuitive research about the identity of the band The Holydrug Couple and all it is to be in a band based in Chile, exploring a reformed imagery from the preconceived ideas of Latin America. Second, it wanders into the film world, on the evidence of the mechanisms and limits of cinematographic representation. Both directions come together to reveal the spirit of the new album ‘Hyper Super Mega’ and the idea if we carefully pay attention, we will see what at first was hidden.”

Watch below the video for “I’ll Only Say This”:

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