The Thermals – We Disappear


The Thermals - We Disappear (Saddle Creek Records) 2016


Long live the The Thermals! That might be the overall feeling about one of the most beloved indie rock bands of the planet. We Disappear is The Thermals’ brand new effort, an album that questions several issues from post-break up love/loss songs to technology and our own dependence to that, how it can isolate us and impact our relationships. Once again we get exactly what we expected, another awesome and strong The Thermals album, their smart way of putting songs about contemporary issues that we can easily relate to is an absolute plus, and their straightforward classic indie rock meets post-punk anthems are bigger than ever. We Disappear is that kind of album that goes with every single mood you have, you can be drunk as fuck or excited and ridiculously happy, this is real music for real people. Thumbs up!

Words by Fausto Casais
For Fans Of: Superchunk, The Wrens, Les Savy Fav
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