Tigers Jaw release new single & video, “New Detroit”

Tigers Jaw have released a new single titled “New Detroit” alongside a video produced by and starring the band of Ben Walsh, Brianna Collins, Teddy Roberts, and Colin Gorman. The single is taken from the band’s new album, I Won’t Care How You Remember Me, out on March 5th via Hopeless Records.

This song was conceptualized while touring internationally after starting a new relationship. I was reflecting on an international tour years before when my home life was in a rough place, and that took over the entire experience“, explains Walsh. “I remembered feeling mentally split between the two places, unable to be in the moment even though it was this amazing experience in a new place. ‘New Detroit’ is about the contrast between the two experiences, and how it felt like two completely different lives.

Of the video, he adds: “I was thinking about how I find inspiration to write. Sometimes it just comes to you mysteriously. The song ‘New Detroit’ is sort of different from most songs I write, so the video reflects the concept of experimenting to find inspiration“.

Listen to “New Detroit” and watch the video for it below:

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