Trautonist – Trautonist


Trautonist - Trautonist (Wolves And Vibrancy Records) 2016


Trautonist are Dennis and Katharina and what they create together is the perfect combination of two different worlds: black metal and shoegaze. The duo are giving with their self-titled debut album an enthralling and melancholy experience. For about thirty minutes we get stuck in this kind of dreamy but dark atmosphere wrapped on an infectious energy that blends perfectly black metal with shoegaze. This is heavy and intense as hell, but there’s always space to drift on the calmer and evolving parts. During this turmoil of raw and dense atmospheres, bittersweet feelings are thrown by Katharinas’ beautiful voice as Dennis shouts out his deep demons. For a debut, this is just brilliant and remarkable.

Words by Andreia Alves
For Fans Of: Deafheaven, Nothing, Whirr
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