Turnstile – Time And Space


Turnstile - Time And Space (Roadrunner Records) 2018


Getting your foot in the door in a punk scene driven by excess is a hard fought battle. But Maryland band Turnstile have become heavily equipped for the long haul as their punk treats are ludicrously infectious and brimming with substance. The act also have a fanatical following throughout the world, which is always a major bonus. Their new record Time And Space is a volatile monster, championed by a unit destined to hit bigger platforms. The songs are like quick fired ammunition hitting against glass, so fast, but powerful.

The band’s hard-core roots are sustained. They’ve committed to their style graciously as floods of fans come and observe such intense performances. In a live setting, Turnstile are totally hooked to the crowd, sending messages through their sound. On record, the music fits perfectly too, managing to keep the listener interested. From a lyrical standpoint, there isn’t much of a poetic influence, but there’s enough words to keep the story compelling.

High powered screams are evident. Shouts and bellows run through the bloodline of a record which is mean. It isn’t for the subtle listener, they’re not going to enjoy those fast paced hysterics, but those hard-core travellers will adore such madness. There’s so many hard hitting contributions on Time And Space. From the beating heart that is High Pressure, with its intense guitar riffs and Can’t Get Away with those screams powering through, there’s so much to admire. The album won’t break ground, but it will turn heads, and it will also give Turnstile an injection of exposure.

Words: Mark McConville
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