Tvivler share two brand new tracks “Tvangslogik” & Kandidat”

Copenhagen, Denmark based Punk/Hardcore outfit Tvivler (Ex-Lack and with Members from Obstacles, Children of Fall,..) is set to unleash EGO, the band’s debut album.

The album is the sequel to a trilogy of 7” EPs named Negativ Psykologi #1-3 respectively; this name reappears as the name of Tvivler’s own record label Negativ Psykologi Records on April 3rd 2020.

Listen to two brand new tracks “Tvangslogik” and “Kandidat” below.

The band said about track “Tvangslogik”: “This song is mostly about using the same violent means that are used against us. Physical and psychological violence begets more violence – sometimes against others, sometimes against ourselves; austerity and poverty leads to short term thinking and stupid decisions. It’s a song about not being able to overcome the limits imposed on you, and ultimately, it is about becoming similar, or identical, to those things that you hate.

Thomas Burø introduced this song’s main riff on a out of tune guitar at some band get-together one night. Certain riffs just catch on immediately, which was the case with this one. However, turning it into a song proved to be a challenge, because the chords and rhythmic structures seem to be working against the d-beat. It’s sort of contrapuntal. This lends the song some weird dynamics, which in the end is what we think makes it interesting.”

About “Kandidat” they continue saying: “If only men would listen to women’s experiences they might begin to grasp the multitude of battles that women fight – big and small. There’s just so much that women deal with on a daily basis that men don’t even see. This is a song celebrating all the amazing and inspiring women we know. It is also a song hating all the idiots of our own gender.

The song’s a classical ripper; hard to write because it all to easily becomes pure maximalism with a constant peak dynamics curve. It requires variations to keep it moving, but in a subtle way as to not make it feel incoherent. It’s one of the very first songs we wrote for the album, after we rediscovered a bunch of shitty old demos while on tour in 2017.

The main riff is a tribute to Tragedy’s masterpiece Vengeance. It’s a record everyone should listen to, period. The riff is a paraphrase of a pretty generic punk riff that we quite obviously stole from that album, but we believe we made it our own by manipulating it just enough that something else emerges. Maybe it was Leonard Cohen, who said that it’s ok to steal as long as you know who you’re stealing from. The difference lies in conscious theft versus unconscious repetition.”

The album was recorded by Sune Kaarsberg and Christian Ankerstjerne in Black Tornado Studio, Mixed by Scott Evans (Kowloon Walled City, Sleep, Wren, Les Art) and mastered by Brad Boatright. Two of the songs feature saxophonist Henrik Pultz Melbye from Danish experimental rock.

Catch Tvivler on tour, full dates below.

22.02 Copenhagen – Ungdomshuset (DK)
21.03 Aalborg – 1000Fryd (DK)
03.04 Copenhagen – Basement (DK)
06.04 Dresden – Zentralwerk (DE)
07.04 Leipzig – TBA (DE)
08.04 Brno – Kabinet Muz (CZ)
09.04 Prague – 007 (CZ)
10.04 Paris – Le Cirque Electrique (FR)
11.04 Nancy – La Buvette (FR)
12.04 Lübeck – VeB (DE)
30.04 Humble – Musikefterskolen (DK)
02.05 Odense – Ilter Festival (DK)

Photo credit: Sille Høker Neumann

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