Ulver - ATGCLVLSSCAP (House Of Mythology) 2016


Constructed from a month’s worth of living, predominately improvised, material, ATGCLVLSSCAP could have been one of those rarities only of interest to Ulver obsessives (of which there are admittedly many) but then again, when have they ever allowed anything substandard to appear in their name? It is an explosion of creativity, 80 minutes of ecstatic jams that harness the power of a band locked in tight musical synchronicity and the energy of a live unit who are continuing to evolve.

Consistently divergent, it’s in keeping with the band’s chameleonic ethos as it subtly shifts from Kraut minimalism and thunderous metallic stomps to mystical flourishes and droning solemnity, not only bringing on board elements from Ulver’s recent endeavours (Shadows Of The Sun fans in particular will find plenty to celebrate about), but also those of its players in its subtle shades of Grumbling Fur and the even more free-floating Æthenor. This fluidity of styles and influences is something that few bands or albums could pull off with any real sense of cohesive intent, but ATGCLVLSSCAP’s amorphous nature not only works, but it defines the record as a whole.

It’s a genuinely exciting record, creating an exciting and emotionally charged listening experience that captures the energy of their live output and the depth of their studio work. Even by Ulver’s high standards, this is an outstanding work of art.

Words by Dave Bowes
FOR FANS OF: Blut Aus Nord, Sunn O))), Agalloch
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