Vera Carlbom Shares Intoxicating Good New Video For “Bottoms UP”

On her right arm Vera’s tattoo proudly proclaims EAT SH*T. This tells you all that you need to know about her attitude to the institutions and bitter men that take up her space and get in the way of the 18-year-old artist’s goals. Watch below the video and new single “Bottoms Up” (watch below).

Vera Carlbom wrote and produced the track when she was 17 after a messy breakup. It was the first demo she sent out and the track that got her signed to a label. She tells us “Bottoms up is about the drug that love is, and how it intoxicates you over and over. When you are with someone that you know isn’t good for you, but you can’t breathe without them.

The video was a lot of fun to shoot for Vera. “I had all of my closest around me and it felt so good to know that every emotion that would come out during the shoot would be real. I wanted to combine hanging out with friends and just trying to have FUN with being really down because someone you love is mad at you. I think we all can relate to the feeling When your friends say ‘don’t think about it’ but you just can’t let it go.”

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