Vero share cover of Shame’s single, “Concrete”

Ahead of the release of their new 7″ single “BEG!”/”Concrete“, Stockholm-based trio Vero have shared the second of the releases’ two tracks “Concrete“.

We’ve never made a cover before, so when we were thinking of a fun B-side for the 7″, we decided to pick a song and a band that we loved,” Vero comment. “Since we’ve been fans of Shame since “The Lick”, it was an easy choice. The original “Concrete” is a high-powered song; energetic and fast. We decided to take it down a whole lot, and then accelerate the intensity for the second half of the song. We had only 2 days to arrange, record and mix the track, which must’ve been a record for us. It was done in super-speed with no second thought, and we love the result.”

Listen to “Concrete” below:

Julia Boman and Amanda Eddestål started playing together as teenagers, forming a rock band at the age of 17. Clara Gyökeres joined the fold after a chance meeting in a Stockholm club and the trio started DJing together before eventually forming a band. Together, they experiment with genres and references, challenging the idea of what a modern guitar band is supposed to be. They will release their debut album in 2022.

Photo credit: Hanna Rubensson
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