Video Premiere: Alana Jagt – “Land of the Long White Cloud”

We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Alana Jagt‘s new video for the song “Land of the Long White Cloud“, which is a rough translation of “Aotearoa” – the Maori name for New Zealand.

The video is their first “official” music video but is DIY, it’s made up of short videos of Alana and her band in the studio recording, but it also features personal holiday footage from a backpacking trip she took to New Zealand in 2013. She wrote the song shortly after that trip in 2013, and arranged and recorded it for their debut EP Wilderness, released at the end of last year.

Here’s what Alana says of the new video: “I’ll be releasing some more ambitious videos later this year, but for this one we’ve spliced home video of a trip to New Zealand, with footage of my band in the studio. The song is kind of a nostalgic love song to New Zealand and I wanted the video to have that homemade-nostalgia feel – something like my Opa’s old Super 8 videos from the 60s.

Watch the new video below:

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