Video Premiere: Cult Of Aurora – “We Are The Sound”

Cult Of Aurora is a music project born from an idea by the frontman and producer Luca Lee Josh, developed by guitarist Camillo Quarantotto, drummer Fabio Tagliavini and guitarist Alessio Bettocchi, former members of the band Between Burning Circles. The lineup was completed by keyboardist Luis Antonio Canettoli, producer and singer from Metropolitics band, and Mark Raptor from Turin as bass player, a 10+ years experienced sound engineer with notable clients like Eiffel 65 under his belt.

Today, we’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Cult of Aurora new single + video, “We Are The Sound”, beautifully directed by Tommy Antonini. Watch it below:

Frontman Luca Lee Josh says the following about the band’s top notch new single: “We are the sound. We are the music, good, bad, vibration and infinite… us … each one of us. Music is that essence that takes you away and close from and to people, solve your problems and makes you travel far. Especially when you feel emotions, music often makes you fall in love and at the same time, crying.

Music is the only way we have to give something a meaning, to make it endless in a selfish way. Lyrics talk about this. Every shade, subjective or not, that’s why we tried to represent a fine logic line in the music video as how music makes you dream and travel with your head, makes you find love ones, makes you think and escape from reality, music has no limits, age or sex. Music has been for me a saving anchor when everything felt wrong especially when I was a kid and I felt lost between being a kid and a man, when they never taught me what step to make and I found in music that “between” in my life that I though I lost.”

Expect Cult Of Aurora very first full length soon.

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