Video Premiere: flies+flies – “Sinkhole”

flies+flies are a DIY creative powerhouse – part-born from an art project instigated by a drunken 4am London-Berlin phone call, they not only produce all of their music but their strong visual output has been an integral part of their work from the outset and is made by themselves or in collaboration with a close circle of hyper-talented friends and family.

Today we’ve the pleasure to bring you the premiere of the band’s awesome new video for “Sinkhole” (watch below), a track taken from their debut album, Spring.

Here’s what Jake Williams (band member and producer) had to say about the new video:

I am particularly excited (and quite nervous) about getting this one out there as it’s the first video I’ve made myself.. its based around the live visuals that I’ve been using for the last year or so… it’s footage from surveillance cameras freely available on the internet cut with choreography by our friend and collaborator Becky O’ Brien. The guy in the video is Dan our lead singer – Becky taught him all the moves and he did quite well I think. It’s basically about how we can reclaim surveilled space as a place for performance, a theme we are going to be exploring a lot more over the coming year. This is one of my favourite tracks of ours as it’s heavy and head nodding, but also deep and melodic and you can dance to it (sort of).

The fittingly lofi video for “Sinkhole”, directed by band-member Jacob Williams, combines footage stolen from unsecured private security cams freely available on the internet and choreography by performance artist Becky O’Brien, a regular collaborator of the band. The cam footage comments on the surveillance society, and the insecurity of digital systems. However, the band also see these spaces as offering hope – when so much of our lives are consumed with chaotic information exchanges there is something calming about an empty, liminal transmission on the internet. There is also a compelling, voyeuristic thrill – as the footage is broadcast live there is the possibility that anything could happen here and that we might be the only, or one of very few, observers.

Spring is available now on digital and will get a full CD release on 13 April.

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