Video Premiere: Moonwalker Return With New Single + Video “Level Up”

Moonwalker, the New York alternative trio formerly known as Reckless Serenade, are debuting their brand spankin’ new video for their debut single “Level Up” with us. We couldn’t be more honored to be sharing one of our favorite tracks of the week! Seriously, we’ve had this song on repeat and after hearing it for yourself, you will surely be spinning it on the regular. The song is dance-fueled rock track layered with synths and a punchy beat that perfectly compliment Rob Crews, the band’s lead singer, falsetto voice.

The vibey track obviously had to be complemented with a colorful light show of a video. Here is what guitarist Mark Neidhardt had to say about the new video: “I’ve developed a passion for programming lights with MIDI and have been programming light shows for live sets. We wanted to come up with a simple concept that we could shoot in my garage so I made a different light show for each one of us that lined up with the song.”

Watch the video below.

“Level Up” is just the first single off the band’s highly anticipated new album. The band has been hard at work at crafting a new and more definitive sound for themselves. Rob Crews, lead singer, shared an update on the upcoming album: “On this album we drastically changed our sound from our previous work. We wanted to experiment with a bunch of different sounds while still keeping the whole record cohesive.  It was really important to us that each song was different from the rest while still remaining true to who we are.  The spectrum of styles goes from rock, to funk to even hip-hop. “Level Up” is a just a taste of how far we pushed this album genre wise and we can’t wait for everyone to hear it.”

Words: Annayelli Flores
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