Video Premiere: MSEA – “Sex Self”

Today we’re pleased to bring you the premiere of MSEA‘s brand new video “Sex Self“, directed and created by Katerina Blahutova (DVDJ NNS) and Claire Paugam.

MSEA is a project by Maria-Carmela, a Reykjavik based sound artist and musician. Originally from Toronto, Canada, MSEA’s music explores in her music the “ideas of womanhood, disconnection to the body, and plays between the lines of beauty and discomfort”.

Watch below MSEA’s beautifully shot new video for Sex Self”, a haunting track where Maria’s dreamy sensitive voice floats along with the music lush experimentation.

For the video, I wanted to work with multidisciplinary artists Claire Paugam and Katerina Blahutova because both of these artists work with imagery of bodies, flesh, and femininity but in very different ways. Claire uses many natural textures to unify body and nature. Katla uses technology to morph, create, and accentuate bodies.

The Sex Self video is meant to explore oppositions, demonstrating the disconnect of body and mind. Through the polarity of digital and natural video, we wanted to abstract and distort reality, yet also realize the image and it’s flaws.” – Maria comments about the video.

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