Video Premiere: pg.lost’s Live Studio Video For “Ikaros” & “Off The Beaten Path”


Post-rock collective pg.lost have released their long-anticipated Versus studio offering last month via Pelagic Records.

Today we have the pleasure of premiere a warm and lo-fi live studio video of Versus‘ opener “Ikaros,” which is a a gigantic piece that evolves to extremely dirty territories with the unmercifully heavy closing section, and “Off The Beaten Path,” that displays a more fuzzy and distorted side to the band. Watch it below.

The Swedish four-piece composed a good portion of the album – their fifth overall– separately, swapping ideas online, before coming together to record at their newly-launched recording studio. The album title, “Versus,” emerged from a song idea that consisted of two very different and contrasting ideas, which were never planned to be one song, but ended up complementing each other. However, Versus doesn’t necessarily describe a relationship between irreconcilable entities.

Guitarist Gustav Almberg comments: “It is possible that some things that on the surface seem totally different could be a perfect match. But mostly the album title is a reflection of today’s society that seems to get more and more polarized. Boundaries of what is okay to say and do are constantly moved towards something that feels dehumanizing, and all the fucked up idiots crawl out of their caves all the way up to the top of the mountain.

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