Video Premiere: Red Apollo – “The Laurels Of Serenity”

We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Red Apollo‘s new video for “The Laurels Of Serenity” (watch below), which is a track taken from the band’s upcoming album, Laurels Of Serenity, set to be released on April 27th via Moment Of Collapse Records.

Title track “The Laurels Of Serenity” is a brilliant atmospheric and raw post-metal song with black metal elements, showing that Laurels Of Serenity will definitely be an intense and massive record. Watch their amazing video that accompanies the brutal song.

Here’s what the band has to say about the new song/video: “All the different pathological fears are humane conditions that everyone has to deal with in life eventually. The obsession and preoccupation with these dreadful feelings was already thematized by the ancient Greeks and found its personified place in mythology. Phobos and Deimos represent fear and terror and are the sons of Ares, the god of war. Both assist their father devotedly and help him by putting horses in front of his chariot before each campaign. This ancient scenery has not only influenced the design of the album cover but also the video for the title track‚ The Laurels of Serenity‘! The female protagonist is engrossed by profound anxiety and only finds relief when finally dominating and leading one of Ares’ fear-bringing horses.”

Laurels Of Serenity arrives on April 27th via Moment Of Collapse Records, pre-order it here.

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