Video Premiere: SVIN – “Dødskontainer”


Last year we had the pleasure to unveil SVIN‘s fourth album, Missionær, a record where the Copenhagen-based band traveled to Iceland to record at the legendary Sundlaugin Studio, established by Sigur Rós, and create a completely new type of record and something that ends up revolutionizing how they approach their own music and what they manage to convey sonically with it.

Today we are premiering the band’s latest video. In “Dødskontainer” the band “aims at the interplay between melody and mechanics. Noise from the hard, industrious soundscapes of the city, found integrated in the music through samples of garbage presses, results in rawness and unique details, combined. A freeze-frame of the unconscious, symbiotic relationship between urban man, and the machine. An unsightly, but accepted and necessary relation, here in both sound and image.”

Check the video below.

SVIN plays live at Roskilde Festival 2017.

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