Watch Fotocrime’s new video for “Invisible”

Fotocrime has unveiled a new video for the song “Invisible”, which is taken from the second full-length South Of Heaven, released on March 13th via Profound Lore just as the Covid-19 pandemic took hold

The video showcases the artist along the desolate streets, in the alleyways and around the cityscape of Louisville during the pandemic, and captures how the last 6 months have looked for most of the world. Fotocrime’s frontman/mastermind R. Patterson comments of the video: “In mid-March, as the world closed in upon itself and I watched the world succumb to the pandemic, my tours following the release of South Of Heaven were canceled and I absconded home from California. Quickly, cities closed down and the roads were empty… I thought of Robert Neville, the Omega Man, roaming the streets alone. I enlisted the help of videographer Nick Thieneman and walked the empty streets of Louisville, then handed the footage to editor Joe Watson who completed this vision of the last person on Earth.

R. Patterson continues, “Since we filmed this months ago, there has been loss of people I love, struggle both globally and in my communities, uncertainty as the pandemic grows in the States with no leadership, racist police violence and federal fascist action that has invigorated the Movement for Black Lives, and where once I stalked these streets alone for this video I later marched in solidarity while demanding justice for Breonna Taylor. Time moves in a different way than it did a few months ago.

Watch the video for “Invisible” below:

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