Weyes Blood – Titanic Rising

Weyes Blood - Titanic Rising (Sub Pop)


There is something immediately disarming of Weyes Blood. An astute, alluring, seductive lounge quality simmers and boils under the sweet, whimsical vocal opening of Titanic Rising’s opening number “A Lot’s Gonna Change.” The sudden, disorientating way it conjures the seventies in all its tobacco stained melancholia; the vermouth rings staining the molded plastic; the smoldering sensuality of the orchestration that propels the song forward on some mad trajectory.

This is music that taps the veins of time and delivers just weirdly enough skewed nostalgia whilst spinning the golden ingredient of enough discordant futurist production to blur the line between classic and contemporary. It’s a dizzying ballet of old and new – two distinct styles wrenched in opposing directions, always living in glory thanks to that beautiful chanteuse vocal of Natalie Mering elevates these warped creations into a realm all of its own majesty.

This is the kind of music that soundtracks Scorsese or Tarantino joints. The stuff of celluloid legend. Mering’s talent shining through in wave after wave of invigorating melody. Genuinely, this is an absolute beauty of an album. Classic, tempered and crafted with a stellar eye for detail – and just the right amount of weird to tip it into the area just below masterpiece.

Words: Andi Chamberlain
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