While She Sleeps – You Are We


While She Sleeps - You Are We (Self-Released) 2017


While She Sleeps return with another bold statement to perforate eardrums and prove how a band can produce stellar results when it truly becomes one with its fans. Through crowdfunding, the band self-produced and independently released their third full-length album You Are We raising the bar even higher. You Are We isn’t confined by any rules as it plays with catchy melodies and vocal hooks, but at the same time it’s devoid of any unnecessary, show-offy technicality. You Are We explores political themes without losing its personal character or trying too hard. As the album unfolds, you can feel all of the love and energy that the band devoted to its creation. This album is unapologetically angry and melodic; we dare you to listen to it without tapping your foot along to its infectious grooves.

Words: Anastasia Psarra
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