White Hills – Stop Mute Defeat


White Hills - Stop Mute Defeat (Thrill Jockey) 2017


White Hills not only have been prolific, but they’ve also tried to navigate themselves into new territories of their beloved psychedelic music. In that sense, Stop Mute Defeat shouldn’t be, at least on paper, a big surprise. Yes, it’s still the work from a band trying to push their boundaries, but their new album ends up being more of a well-structured and executed sonic revolution. Leaving a bit aside their guitar-driven structure. Dave W. and Ego Sensation end up with an offering that is industrially-charged with a great sense of space and time. Stop Mute Defeat ends up being dynamic within its dense nature that’s packed with spellbinding soundscapes. A clear step forward for White Hills.

Words: Tiago Moreira
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