Wildhart Share New Single “Every Touch” Feat. Nadia Nair

Gothenburg based duo Wildhart have shared “Every Touch“, the second single from their new EP Caught In A Fisheye, which features fellow Swede Nadia Nair.

Speaking on the lyrical depth to the new track, Ylva Holmdahl explained: “The song has an escapism vibe, and is about a moment you wanna freeze – and stay inside forever.” Collaborating with fellow Gothenburg based artist Nadia Nair, with her featuring on vocals – the shimmering strings evident on the track were performed by former Wildhart member Josefin Runsteen. The song on first inspection may appear to have quite a rough, abrasive sound but, the high-reaching strings add a soft, dramatic touch to proceedings.

Listen to “Every Touch” below:

Caught In A Fisheye out June 29th via Propeller Recordings.

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