Zen Mother announce new album & share new song “Order”

Zen Mother – which features core duo Monika Khot and Adam Wolcott Smith – have announced the release of their new album, Millennial Garbage Preach, which will be out on October 2nd via Bay Area-based The Flenser.

Today, the duo have shared the album’s first single, “Order,” along with its music video. Directed by Mu Tunc, the video is akin to a grimy fairytale of dance macabre; a captivating short dance-music film about an ordinary young woman living inside an old castle without any contact from the outside world. The storyline itself is a nod to cult classic film Grey Gardens. Zen Mother explains: “Mu Tunc created this film in a wasteland of capitalistic depravity a couple hours outside of Istanbul. His caliber of aesthetic and vision as a director is unrivaled and the love and friendship everyone poured into the making of this is true magic.

Listen/watch “Order” below:

Produced by Randall Dunn (Marissa Nadler, Sunn O))), Kayo Dot), Millennial Garbage Preach is Zen Mother’s third full-length release. “I think we are possibly less experimental in our compositional style now,” Khot says of their current work. Zen Mother continues, “We came to our good friend Randall Dunn with fully produced demos for Millennial Garbage Preach with the 5k frequencies blaring, the wrong elements too high in the mix and Randall produced this record into the dark gauze of anguish it needed to be. Tears were shed, Sheridan Riley (our drummer) just flew in from Japan two days before, Monika had strep throat the whole time… we all felt like we were on acid throughout the making of the record.

They continue, “I think you can hear some of the mania in Millennial Garbage Preach, after all music isn’t created in a vacuum and you’ll never be in a spot where everything comes together completely and succinctly. It’s the struggle that makes something totally worthwhile, and for us this record is a document of an imperfect time, and a totem of where we came from.

Millennial Garbage Preach artwork & tracklist:

1. Henri Matisse
2. Sleep
3. Order
4. The Pharmacy
5. Vengeance
6. Lil Jesus
7. The Fugitive

Photo credit: Carlotta Baldazzi
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