ZU93 Share “The Absence of the Mirror Emperor” From Their Debut LP

ZU93 is the effectively named new collaboration between David Tibet and the ever changing Italian group Zu, centered around Massimo Pupillo and Luca Mai. House of Mythology are due to release their debut album Mirror Emperor on the 6th July.

Listen below to the recently unveiled “The Absence of the Mirror Emperor“.

Seven years after the collaborators first met in Rome, the most beautifully apocalyptic city of all, they can finally present Mirror Emperor, mixed and produced by Stefano Pilia.

The album is the closing of a long circle for me,” comments Massimo Pupillo…”I’ve been following David’s work since the early days and count Current 93 as one of the main inspirations behind my work with Zu. For me his poetry and music is like a light in the depths of human experience, a soundtrack for one’s personal descent into the unconscious fields”.

Tibet says of their union, “Zu made something very beautiful and very powerful for me to skip into. I love this album,” Mirror Emperor adds another chapter in Tibet’s ever expanding oblique vision, personal, dense and hallucinatory. A voice through a cloud, indeed.

On Mirror Emperor, the demiurge of our demise hides in the cracks of a broken world, beneath stones and moss, among the comets, in tears and things and on BloodBoats, as if a “cosmic melancholy” (Ligotti) is being articulated. More mourning than light. Tibet explains: “We all carry different faces, different masks, and all of them will be taken from us. We were born free, and fell through the Mirror into a UnWorld, a Mirror Empire. In this Mirror Empire we are under the Mirror Emperor, and there are MANY Bad Moons Rising. At the final curtain there is scant applause.

Photo credit: Guilo D Mauro
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