Delhia de France Drops Mystical Debut EP “Moirai”

Collaborator, producer, songwriter and visual performer – Delhia de France presents her soulful and dark electronica debut EP Moirai, out today via Robot Koch’s own label Trees and Cyborgs.

Written and produced in collaboration with longtime musical accomplice Robot Koch, the stirring, pulsing, other-worldly pop musical backdrop of the EP offers a rousing platform for Delhia de France’s raw melodic and vocal talent and artistry. The mystical title refers to the Moirai, the Greek goddesses of fate, weaving Mankind’s inescapable destiny. For Delhia, these three goddess sisters represent a divine feminine power; a theme resonating through rising female empowerment. “I feel drawn to greek mythology because it’s an endless source of imagery explaining mundane concepts in a beautifully poetic way, making them something divine,” says Delhia.

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